Providing layered, in-depth defenses requires a holistic approach focusing not only on external risk factors but also a focus on the protection of an organization’s critical assets and processes from within its business practices.  SANCORP CONSULTING, LLC provides tailored and robust Insider Threat capabilities to support its clients utilizing a systematic approach to encourage a thorough, proactive, and successful risk mitigation strategy. 


Our success is based on leveraging top notch subject matter experts with vast experiences within counterintelligence, law enforcement, information technology, cyber operations, human resources, and forensics fields. 

Our approach combines established/refined military, intelligence, and business practices with researched academic methodologies to provide a holistic approach, thorough assessments, and solution development. 

 Our ethos of professionalism, integrity, and initiative reflects Sancorp's internal core values. Providing our clients with excellence in performance and results is what we strive for each and every time. 

Complimenting our team of subject matter experts is the knowledge and methodologies gained from our strategic partner—Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute (SEI) CERT Partner Network.  As SEI CERT Insider Threat partners, SANCORP CONSULTING, LLC leverages and utilize over twenty years of research and development to provide a systematic approach and tools to support an organization’s Insider Threat requirements.

  • NISPOM 2 Insider Threat Program Development
  • Certified SEI CERT Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessments
  • Advanced Analytics Technical Controls
  • Continuous Evaluation/Monitoring
  • System Integrity/Penetration Testing  
  • Incident Response Plans
  • Training and Awareness
  • Behavioral observations
  • Physical Security Measures and Assessments


Sancorp Consulting LLC provides subject matter expertise and technical experts to support your biometrics, forensics/exploitation, and identity management requirements. 


Technical and non-technical identity activities support ranges from enterprise/organizational policy and program development, architecture design and implementation, to technology (hardware/software) recommendations and training.  


Whether you are developing a physical biometric access control program utilizing various modalities such as facial recognition/iris scan or developing a triage forensics toolkit for incident response teams, Sancorp Consulting, LLC can provide subject matter support and expertise alongside recommended technology solutions. 



Sancorp Consulting LLC leverages its team of subject matter experts and established strategic partners with years of proven identity activities past performance to provide efficient and effective results. From   Onsite forensics training, to assessing an organization's digital incident response team-Sancorp Consulting LLC Identity Activities program is ready to assist.