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The Sancorp Team brings significant military and federal experience in counterintelligence operations, including collection, analysis, identification of foreign intelligence threats, and the implementation of robust defensive measures to safeguard classified and sensitive information. Our decades of military and federal experience in Critical Technology Protection has proven especially critical in the development of Counterintelligence Support Plans (CSP). Our tailored CSPs provide research, development and acquisition analysis to identify and mitigate system threats including to a business supply chain. Through the development of structured protection processes, these plans mitigate threat to personnel, technology, and resources before threats are borne.

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • CI Policy

  • CI Investigations

  • Defensive CI Briefings and Debriefings

    • Foreign Travel

    • Foreign Visits and Assignments

  • CI Analysis

  • CI Collections

  • CI Cyber Defensive Measures

  • CI Training and Awareness

  • CI Support to Critical Programs

    • Supply Chain Risk Management

    • Research, Development and Acquisition Analysis

  • Liaison with federal counterparts such as the FBI, CIA, DHS, etc., to ensure full coverage of CI threats

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